Our Team

Cindy Hartsburg

Cynthia “Cindy” Hartsburg is the President and Owner of INSURLYNX LLC. Cindy began her career in 1997 as an Insurance Sales Representative for a Fortune 500 Company, Oxford Health Plans. With her dedication and drive, she earned the “Power House” Award, Top Sales Leader in both Connecticut and the Tri State Area, along with many other sales achievements.

She continued her venture in Sales as the Director of a start-up company. While devoting many years to her career in Sales she recognized much of her success was due to her passion to assist people in choosing the correct insurance to meet their specific needs.

With her innovative way of thinking, drive to succeed and dedication to educate the consumer Cindy set out to create here own company INSURLYNX LLC.

When Cindy formed Insurlynx LLC, her vision was to create a company committed to helping employers, businesses and individuals with not only a dedicated approach for all of their personal and business insurance needs, but to take it a step further and offer solutions for business owners within their business itself (whether it is needing to look and review payroll vendors, IT solutions, Wealth Management services, CPA services, Employer Compliance, etc.).

Cindy wanted to be sure that we could offer our diverse client base choices of trusted sources that our team has cultivated strong relationships with in order to offer that extra layer of commitment to helping our clients “link” all their business and insurance needs together. The name Insurlynx embodies just that: linking people to insurance services and more all under one company.

George Tirado Jr.

George has joined Insurlynx as Business Development Manager. He comes to Insurlynx after a long successful career in Law Enforcement. He brings with him a list of characteristics that will prove to be a true asset to all of our Insurlynx customers. As Business Development Manager, George utilizes strategic planning to be sure all our current clients are getting the most of the company’s services and to work on how the company can grow further with new relationships.

Passionate about tending to the needs of others, joining the Insurlynx team was a natural fit. George’s new career path will allow him to continue providing services to people in need. He and company owner, Cindy Hartsburg, share the same desire in wanting to help were help is needed. His steadfast loyalty will be a trait that Insurlynx customers will soon come to appreciate and admire.

George lives in Cheshire, CT with his wife and two children. In his free time, George continues a life of service. He volunteers his time to coach youth sports within his community. He and his family are involved in supporting local foundations that service people in need, and support national foundations that have the same cause.

George is grateful to have the support of the Insurlynx team. With encouragement and support from his family and loyal group of friends, he has taken on his new role with commitment and determination. Customary of Insurlynx employees.

Laurie Mandulak

Laurie comes to Insurlynx with a strong business background in insurance and customer service and is currently the Office Manager. She has worked in human resources, payroll dealing with 401k’s, and workers compensation. She also was a group medical and individual enrollment manager in charge of customer service, member enrollment, claims, and billing. Her management background and dedication to customer service has proven to be essential in the growth of Insurlynx.

Laurie took some time off to raise her children, but quickly came back into the management roll with several startup companies dealing with system and product development. She brings a strong love and dedication to Insurlynx.

Maria Kelley

“ABILITY is what you’re capable of doing.
MOVTIVATION determines what you do
ATTITUDE determines how will you do it”.
-Lou Holtz

This is Maria Kelley’s life mantra. Since her birth in Morgade, Portugal, to years spent in Bridgeport, CT, she has made it a point to strive for her goals.

Her initial love for fashion brought her to a career that spans over twenty years in the apparel industry. She started her career as a Customer Service Representative and later becoming a Supply Chain Manager in Finance. Her knowledge of the process within Supply Chain helped her indentify and troubleshoot in the most effective way. “If the process is broken, She’s the person to get it fixed”. It’s that personalized service that’s essential in building the best relationships.

In her spare time, Maria enjoys nesting at home with her daughters and friends. She’s also focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and laughter.

Michelle O’Brien

Michelle joined the Insurlynx team in 2016 as our office assistant.  She graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Landscape Architecture and started her career as a Landscape Designer and Land Planner in Colorado and Virginia.

Once she and her husband moved to Connecticut, she reinvented herself as an office assistant for a hotel real estate broker. Working in such a small office, she was in charge of all aspects of the business – from billing to marketing. Michelle took time off from working to raise her children and just recently came back to the workforce here with us at Insurlynx.

Rachel Giangregorio

Rachel Giangregorio has been working with Insurlynx for a year and a half as a Sales Assistant. She just graduated from Notre Dame High School in Fairfield, CT and will be attending Palm Beach State College in August 2017. She is going to school for business management to further her knowledge and career with Insurlynx.

As a Sales Assistant, Rachel helps start the quoting process and works closely with customers to provide the best service Insurlynx can offer. She also handles the social media posts on Facebook and runs informational campaigns with useful tips.

August 11th, 2017 by INSURLYNX