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Full-Service Digital Enrollment Solution

“We used the Ease platform this year for the first time during our open enrollment process. Open enrollment was a breeze, saving me many hours of time. I especially like the idea that the software is user-friendly and that employees can understand and monitor their benefits throughout the year.”

– Janice Cerone, The Unquowa School

It’s no secret, life is different in 2021! More employees are working remotely, less in-person meetings are being held, and trying to conduct Open Enrollment over Zoom just won’t cut it!

At no cost to your company, The MWE Partnership will offer its entire suite of Virtual Open Enrollment tools to enroll your employees in all the benefits you currently offer!

Enrollment Platform Build-out

  • Fully customized and branded web portal
  • Consolidates all employee data in one place

Scheduling Tools

  • Allows employees to pick the date and time of their one-on-one benefits consultation.

Communication Strategies

  • Multi-approach communication campaign allows for coordinated text, email, and voice messages to all employees simultaneously when an important message needs to get out.
  • Our technology allows employees to sign enrollment forms via traditional method or recorded calls.

Fast Turnaround

  • Our enrollment architects have the ability to build your platform and campaign within 5 business days.

Effective communication tools to engage and educate during Open Enrollment!

When is this the right solution?

  • If you are still conducting Open Enrollment with paper forms and applications.
  • You have a lot of employees working from home or the road.
  • You would like a more personalized approach to Open Enrollment.
  • You want to “clean up” your employee data.
  • Is my employee data scattered or easily organized in one place for all carriers?
  • Is it hard to schedule employees for Benefits Webinars?
  • Do you need tools to effectively reach out to and communicate with your employees?